The Beginingz..

30 Sep

The breeze was blowing across my face feeling so crisp smelling as fresh as lilac flowers. The cup columbian coffee was so strong it made the hairs on my neck standup. There was a light touch across my shoulders, a sensual massage down the arch of my back. The sensations are so turbulent that I could feel the fire in my body. I moaned in an erotic manner from the inner essence of my body it was explored in the depths of my soul. I jumped up and reality struck me like lighting, I have court charges pending and I could possibly lose everything I have worked so hard for…What was I thinking when I hit Harry in the head with that beer bottle. A burst of engery, emotion, and angry took over my soul when I saw him kiss that female in the mouth. My girls and I were just trying to enjoy a meal and few drinks when Abby said is that Harry. I turned around just as he was feeding her some food. Anger took over my inner being and I blacked out. I tried to walk over to talk ti him but the girls wouldn’t let me. They decided we should leave. They were trying to shuffle me out of the door but I kept looking out the corner of my eye to see which way I could manuver away from them. I knew if I could get away I could run over say something. I just couldn’t let this go, this was my fiance’. We were to be married in a few weeks this couldn’t be happening. Just as Emily turned to speak to one of her co workers……

I am new to this so I hope I can at least keep the audience attention.

19 Sep

I would like to blog about parts of my book, in order to get feed back from every aspect..I like all thoughts, ideas, opinions. One can never have too much criticism when trying to enter the world of writing..